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Friday 25 August 2017

Tuna Fish Thailand Checks Before Buy

Tuna fish Thailand product is famous to be distributed worldwide as imported fish. They are known for the good quality and various types of tuna products such as canned, fresh, fillets, steaks, and many more. When buying tuna, there are several things that need to be considered not only about the prices, taste, and such but also other important things to make you choose the best tuna fish. And if you live in other countries outside Thailand then you can still import the tuna products easily or go to food stores or markets that sold imported products including tuna fish.
What should be checked when buy tuna fish Thailand products?
There are things which you should check or consider when buying tuna fish Thailand products such as:
1.      Choose skipjack tuna over yellowfin tuna because they posses lower risk of mercury. Although they are both known as light tuna, but skipjack tuna is better to be preferred due to this factor. And thus when you order canned tuna fish Thailand product, you should read the cans label to check it first. Just ensure that the cans or other tuna products mentioned the species specifically.
2.      Look for tuna fish that have been caught with eco-friendly method. It is important to look for product with tuna fish caught with sustainably fishing method such as pole and line instead of large net method. Pole and line does not harm other wild fish in the ocean when harvest the tuna fish unlike nets. If there is no label mentioned about it then asks the suppliers how the fish are caught.
3.      Look for tuna product cans with “FAD free” label. Today, there is canning process that uses FDA cans which often related to harmful diseases. That’s why you should pick canned fish products that mentioned about FDA free label.
4.      It is recommended to buy tuna in water instead of tuna in oils whenever you want to buy the best tuna fish Thailand product. Tuna oils are used to have higher calories and fats, not to mention unhealthy non-organic oils. In addition, tuna in water packed with slightly higher omega 3 fatty acids than oil-packed tuna. Although the amount is small but it is necessary because the reason of why you want to eat tuna is to get omega 3 fatty acids as high as possible, right?
5.      Get the tuna fish Thailand supplier with good reputation. You should find the best supplier to buy the tuna fish not only you need to consider the prices they are offered, but also the one who serve good quality of products, how the tuna fish are caught and how they are processed as well. You can try to search the supplier profile, testimonies from other buyers or costumers, and many more.
6.      If you looking for frozen or canned tuna, then it is okay to buy imported products, however if you want to get your hands over fresh tuna then you should buy it locally. It is true that choosing fresh tuna is always been the best since they offering more nutrition and healthier free from additional preservation and such. However if you cannot afford to buy the freshest tuna fish, then you can option for tuna fish Thailand frozen and tuna canned products.
7.      When buying canned tuna fish checks the cans whether there is any leak or the lids are bulging. It is important to see the cans are properly sealed with any damages so the tuna fish inside free from contamination.
8.      If you are looking for gluten free or tuna fish Thailand kosher then you need to check their labels. Some manufacturers will mentioned about whether their tuna are free from gluten, but if it is not then it is best to avoid buying or eating tuna in sauces because the thickeners are often contain gluten. As for the kosher product, check the label or supplier number or find out whether the products are being supervised by Jewish supervisor, or you can find some notes about that on the cans.

That’s several things you should check when you want to purchase tuna fish Thailand. Thanks that today choosing the best tuna product is getting easier and you can even try to look for some specialty brands of canned tuna.

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