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Friday, 10 November 2017

High Quality Frozen Tuna Loins Supplier, Frozen Tuna Cubes, Frozen Tuna Saku Indonesia

By On November 10, 2017
Frozen Tuna Loins Supplier is find by many people. There is many Frozen Tuna Loins Supplier but we need professional and experiences Frozen Tuna Loins Supplier. Frozen Tuna should process by Professional cutter and technology to get Natural Fresh Tuna Loins. To get High Quality Frozen Tuna Loins, we process Frozen Tuna Loins with good temperature and great tools. First process to make Frozen Tuna Loins we need fillet skin and the bones. After that We choose the best Location for Cutting to get High Quality Frozen Tuna Loins.
Frozen Tuna Loins Supplier
To Freeze Tuna Loins, We frozen it with high Technology machine to keep the Frozen Tuna Loins Always fresh and has natural meat. We will always keep Our Frozen Tuna Loins zero bones. Another product from us are Frozen Tuna Cubes and Frozen Tuna Saku. In this article we will tell more About this Three product. 
Frozen Tuna Cube
Frozen Tuna Cubes product is one favorite product from Customer because Frozen Tuna cubes usually order by many hotels. This Frozen Tuna Cubes usually to make Tuna Satay. To get High precision Cubes we need professional Cutter. Professional Cutter will choose like position for cutting to get great Frozen Tuna Cubes.
Frozen Tuna Saku Indonesia
Another Favorite Product from Tuna is Frozen Tuna Saku. The Frozen Tuna Kaku is made with Block Shape. This Frozen Tuna Kaku usually are using for Steak. The size from Frozen Tuna Kaku get from The size of Tuna Meat. Our Frozen Tuna Kaku has many standard orders by our Client. For more Information, please contact Us.
That's all of Our Article about Quality Frozen Tuna Loins Supplier, Frozen Tuna Cubes, Frozen Tuna Saku Indonesia. For more Detail Frozen Tuna Product, Please Don't hesitate to contact Us. Our Professional Team will answer all of your Question.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Authentic Sushi Restaurant Using Product from Tuna Factory in Japan

By On August 25, 2017
For those who want to create authentic sushi restaurant, then you might want to purchase product from tuna factory in Japan. As we all know sushi is originate from Japan but since the popularity of this dish increase everywhere, you can even find sushi restaurant all around the world. Of course people want to taste the authentic sushi as they would taste when they eat it in Japan. That is why many sushi restaurants try to get the same ingredient to create the sushi menu in their own restaurant even though they are not located in Japan.
Tuna Factory in Japan Product for Authentic Sushi Restaurant
One of the most popular sushi menus is the one made from tuna meat since this meat is consider the best delicacy in Japan. That is why; you should also try to create sushi using the tuna meat as ingredient so your sushi restaurant can be similar to the restaurant in Japan. But of course if you want your restaurant to be as authentic as possible, then you might also want to get the tuna directly from Japan factory. That way the tuna you use in your restaurant will be the same tuna as the one used by sushi restaurant in Japan.
Furthermore tuna factory in Japan already know about the tuna specification which needed to create tuna sushi. Thus they will create their product so it will be suitable to be use to make sushi. So you can be sure with the quality of the product that they create for your sushi restaurant. Furthermore they will create their product with suitable weight thus you can use one product at a time without have to get too much waste. Especially since sushi is served in raw condition, thus you cannot reuse product which you already used half before, thus product sizing is really important.
Since the tuna factory is located in Japan, then this mean they will make their product using tuna which caught from Japan Sea. This means the tuna fish is caught by the Japanese fishermen before being brought into the factory. Those fishermen should already know that most of the tuna fish that they caught will be used to create the sushi dishes which they also love. Thus they will treat their catch with care since they want to ensure the quality of the frozen tuna fish that they caught will be the highest possible.
After being brought into the tuna factory in Japan, then the fish will be cleaned to ensure there is no unused part on the product that you receive. Next process is the most important process which is to grade the tuna fish meat that already been cleaned. The grader from Japan factory already knows which tuna meat quality is the best use for making tuna sushi. Thus you can trust their grader to give you the best and highest quality tuna meat for your sushi restaurant.
Next those tuna meat which already graded by the tuna factory in Japan grader will be taken to the other line which is to cut the product according to their sizing. Then this product is ready to be CO treated. This treatment is necessary especially when you want to use the tuna meat to make sushi since that means the tuna meat will be served in raw condition. With this treatment, the tuna meat that you serve in raw condition will still have the red color that you often see on fresh tuna meat. Thus your sushi will also appear fresh when created using this product.
After the treatment, then all of the process is already complete to create the product thus tuna factory in Japan worker only need to send their product to you. But before they can do that, all of those products will be packed individually so you can use it one at a time. Then the product will be frozen to preserve the meat so it will still fresh when you want to use it. With this, then it is really ready to be send to you sushi restaurant.
As you can see, all of the process done by tuna factory in Japan is done to ensure their product has high quality thus it is already suitable to be use to make sushi.

Cook and Preparing Best Frozen Tuna Fillet Product

By On August 25, 2017
Tuna is not only comes in the form of canned product because there is frozen tuna fillet as one of the best options.  Tuna offers heart healthy food experience since it has high quality lean protein, minerals, vitamins, and omega 3 fatty acids. Eating tuna about 2 or 3 servings each week will help you to lower the risk of heart disease and it can even reduce the risk of cardiac death. The main point to get a nice sea food meal is how you can choose a good quality sea food product like this frozen tuna fillet. The next question is how to cook the tuna fillet steak because truthfully it is almost very easy as simple as opening a can of tuna.
The first step is find a good quality or the nicest frozen tuna fillet
To find a good frozen tuna fillet is to pick the type first, there are many tuna types available with different prices. Albacore tuna being the most expensive than skipjack or yellowfin can be your best option. If you need to special order albacore fillet at your local food or grocery store then do so because it is worth it and it does not hurt to call ahead and then ask whether the store has albacore tuna fillet available.
Next, you need to make sure that the tuna fillet is in a great condition by ask when the fish are caught because you do not want to buy a fish that already been frozen for a long time. It is better to buy a frozen fillet with the closest catch date so you will get the optimum condition. In the case you want to buy a fresh fillet then you need to check it by sniff test since it is important to test the smell of the tuna fish. In addition, if you want to check the sustainability then you can ask where the fish is caught and cross reference the location on the website.
The best thing about frozen tuna fillet product is that you can get cheaper price than the fresh one. Tuna fish is freeze so well and by purchase frozen tuna, you might get the best the highest quality of tuna fish at your local store. With advanced technology, nowadays the fish can be frozen right after harvesting and the decrease in quality is often lower. So there is nothing wrong by purchasing frozen fillet or steak.
The second step is select the right seasonings and follow the instructions
For the seasonings, you need to prepare these ingredients:
·         2 tablespoon of salt
·         ½ teaspoon of ground coriander
·         Pinch ground allspice
·         ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon
·         Leaves from 1 sprig fresh tarragon
·         Sest of ½ orange
Follow these instructions below:
1.      Mix the ingredients above gently with your fingers
2.      Cover and then let the mixture sit for twenty minutes
3.      Sprinkle on the tuna fillet to check the taste, you need to use within few hours
4.      Seared the tuna fillets properly with either cook it with over high direct heat or less than well done
5.      Preheat the grill and after that add oil and seasoning the frozen tuna fillet best quality product.
6.      Cook the steak about 1 or 2 minutes per side, tuna is quick to be cooked and so please pay attention when you grill the tuna fillets or steaks. Do not overcook.
The third step is to make citrusy salsa to complement the tuna fillet
To make the flavor of your frozen tuna fillet steak stronger, you can make a citrusy salsa. You just need to prepare these ingredients, such as:
-          Salt
-          2 orange
-          1 Tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil
-          Finely diced 2 shallots or ½ red onion
-          Leaves from chopped 6 sprigs fresh tarragon
Follow these instructions to make the salsa:
1.      Take the orange and peal them, cut the fruit into segments
2.      Cut each segment of the orange into 1/3
3.      And then combine the orange with other ingredients such as the tarragon, onion, and olive oil in a small bowl. Season the mixture with salt and gently mix evenly.
As for the finishing, you need to slice the frozen tuna fillet steaks across the grain. Add the salsa over the fillet steaks and do not forget to pour the glass of chardonnay to go well with the wine salt. Enjoy!

How to Choose Best Tuna Meats from Tuna Fish Supplier?

By On August 25, 2017
Tuna fish supplier offered various tuna products from canned, frozen, to raw and fresh. People often confuse about how to select the best tuna fish and storage them in the right way. Choosing the best and high quality of tuna meats are very important especially if you want to buy raw and fresh tuna fish right from the fish markets. There is fraud ways to make old tuna meats to appear like new with some treatment called carbon monoxide injection. With this treatment the flesh of tuna which already turned into brown color instead of dark red natural tuna color will appear brighter and just like a new brand of meat. Of course you do not want to pick such fish. That’s why you can follow several tips below about tuna selection and storage tips and tricks.

Follow this tuna selection and storage tips today
The flesh of tuna meats can range from light color to darker red color, and there is some tuna meats that appear very pale which is almost white or light pink. The colors are depends on the variety of tuna fish. Prime raw tuna steaks are lookalike just like a raw beef, a simple red color of flesh while tuna steak may appear with darker brown area (which sometime is already removed by the fishmonger) and usually it has stronger flavor. Fresh tuna is often sold in skinned condition already by tuna fish supplier because it is hard to skin the tuna extremely tough texture.
To choose high quality meats from tuna fish supplier Indonesia, please follow these instructions:
-          Never select a tuna meat with visible brown or dry spots, unless those spots formed as the original darker brown area.
-          The fish should have ocean fresh smell and there is no rainbow sheen on the fish. The fishmonger usually will offer the tuna meats already in a fillet form which looks like beef loin. Just ask them how many pounds you want to buy and they will slice the meats for you.
-          Fresh tuna fish usually available from late spring up to early fall season while the frozen steak are often be sold year round

Now about how to storage the tuna:
-          After you buy the raw and fresh tuna fish from the market, quickly storage them into refrigerator ASAP. Before you ready to use the tuna, just keep it inside refrigerator all the time. However, it is recommended to use the tuna right on the day you purchase the fish.
-          If you need to store the fish in longer time then you should pat in dry and the wrap the fish using foil or plastic wrap then place them at the coolest part of your refrigerator.
-          The optimum temperature to store the meats from best tuna fish supplier is 31 degrees Fahrenheit, however if your refrigerator is not that cold then the solution is to put the wrapped meats inside a plastic bag full of ice or on a bed of ice. Please take a note that it is best to use the tuna within 24 hours.
-          If you know clearly that the tuna you bought from the supplier is perfectly fresh plus raw and not a frozen fish then you can wrap it and freeze it. But if you purchase the fish from grocery stores and it is highly possible that the tuna is previously frozen and thus you need to use that as soon as possible.
Follow these steps to fresh tuna to keep it in the best condition:
-          Prepare 1 tbsp of ascorbic acid crystal or ¼ cup of salt and 1 quart of water
-          Make solution from those ingredients by mix the crystal with water or the salt with water
-          Dip the tuna fish into the solution in order to make the meat firmer
-          Seal the tuna in plastic wrap and store it to zip top bag
-          You can freeze it with ice block by store the fish into the bag and then covering it with water.
-          Squeeze out the water inside the bag and then seal the bag perfectly. After that you can freeze the meat from tuna fish supplier Jakarta up to 3 months. But still, it is better if you use the meat right on the day you buy.
As for canned tuna fish supplier, unopened products can be stored up to one year while leftover tuna need to be used within 4 days and store it in refrigerator.

Using Frozen Tuna Indonesia Product for Food Truck Business

By On August 25, 2017
If you have a food truck business, you might want to use frozen tuna Indonesia product as one of your ingredient to make dishes in the menu. Tuna itself is considered as a nutritious sea food, thus many people love to eat dishes that uses tuna as the ingredient. Furthermore, tuna is also considered to be quite affordable, thus you can create the food truck menu in affordable prices that everyone can purchase. Surely when many people loves tuna food product, then they will also love your food truck menus. Do not forget that even big restaurant have tuna dishes in their menu, thus it can really be the menu that will make everyone choose to get meals at your food truck.
Information for Food Truck Business about Frozen Tuna Indonesia
However, before using the tuna inside one of your menu’s ingredient, you might want to know more information about this product. That is why you can try to learn more about tuna product that is created by factories in Indonesia. That way, you will know how the Indonesian factory makes the product before being delivered into your food truck business. Now let us see how the factory in Indonesia creates the frozen tuna Indonesia product for you.
First of all, you should know that Indonesia have very large sea region, thus there are many areas on which the tuna fish is live. On those areas, the Indonesian fishermen will catch the tuna fish for Indonesian factories to be process further. Of course, the fresh tuna fish that the Indonesian fishermen catch will be the best ingredient to be use for your food truck business. However since you are in very far location from the fishermen, it would not be possible to get the tuna fish still in fresh condition without getting them to be spoiled when arrived. Thus frozen tuna Indonesia product, would be your best possible product to be use for your food truck menus.
When the fishermen catch the tuna fish, it will be chilled first to sustain the long journey from the sea to the shore where the factory is located. After it is arrived in the factory, then the tuna fish will be taken to the cleaning processing line. In this line all of its skin, bones, and bloodline will be taken out and cleaned from the meat. This will leave only fresh, clean and raw tuna meat to be process further.
The next process would be inside the cutting processing line where the raw tuna meat will be cut into several shapes that are actually very common in the tuna industry. Those shapes are tuna saku, tuna block, tuna loin, tuna cube, ground tuna, and many others. Those are the shapes that you will get when ordering the frozen tuna Indonesia product. Next thing that they will do is to enter those tuna products into the next production line based on the end product that they want to make. There are two types of end products that they usually create which is frozen tuna CO treated product and frozen pre cooked tuna product. Those two products must going through a different line first before being packed and frozen in the same line.
For the frozen tuna CO treated product, the tuna meat will be CO treated in steam processing line. This treatment will make the product maintain its red color so it will always appear fresh even after quite some times has pass. For the frozen pre cooked product, the tuna meat will be taken inside the pre cooker machine. This machine will cook the product on the factory to make the end product for frozen tuna Indonesia factory.
Lastly, those two products are entered into the wrapping processing line where they will be wrapped using vacuumed wrapper. Lastly they will be frozen using ultra cold temperature to keep the condition of the product to be preserved for a long time. Now the product is ready to be taken from Indonesia into your food truck business that might be located all over the world. Those are the things needed to create frozen tuna Indonesia product that you will use as one of the ingredient on your food truck business menu. All you need to do is to choose which products to use.

Tuna Production Line Processing to Make Canned Tuna

By On August 25, 2017
Canned tuna keep gaining popularity even in the recent years. Not only because tuna gives a lot of benefits but also because this meat is very versatile compare to other fish meat. It is high in protein but also low in calories, this is why a lot of people choose it as part of their daily healthy diet. But before you can consume the tuna meat, it will need to go through tuna production line to be canned after being caught in the sea. Although there are many brands of canned tuna in the market today, most of the process in their production line is similar one another. However, the implement technology behind each machine used in the production line might differ according to the specification that the factory wants for their end product.
Canned Tuna production line and Machinery Process
After being caught in the sea, the tuna is freeze then brought to the factory for further process. They are put inside big bins to make it easy for the truck to deliver them to the factory location. After they arrived, the bins would then be stacked inside cold storage inside the factory before being brought into the tuna production line.
The first production line that they will go through is the sizing line. In this line each tuna will be separated according to its weight and size before being put into the next line. The tuna will be dump out from the storing bin into double conveyor which will bring it into the shaker. The shaker function is to align the tuna and fit them into the elevator for further process. This elevator is the one that will feed the tuna into the sizer according to their size.
The sizer on tuna production line can only be feed with tuna that has less than ten kilos weight. If there are tunas that have more than ten kilos weight, they will then be collected separately since they will need to be cut to the correct loin size during the pre cooking process. For smaller tuna that has less than ten kilos weight, they will then be dump once again into the bin to bring them into the next production line.
This next production line is the pre cooking line where the tunas will be cleaned before being cooked. Smaller tuna that has less than ten kilos weight which being brought into this line using bins will be dump into the double conveyor once more. It will go into the cleaning line directly in a whole. In this cleaning line the workers will manually separate the tuna’s tail and head. The skin as well as dark meat will be scraped off the meat so it will become a clean tuna loin that is ready to be process in the next production line.
For larger tuna that has more than ten kilos weight which being collected separately before, it will be brought into the cutting tuna production line. In this line they will clean and cut them separately into smaller size loin to suit the other tuna size in the cleaning line.
After being cleaned, the tunas will be put into the racks where it will be delivered to the pre cooked machine. This machine will then be cooked those tunas with steam in suitable cooking time according to the tunas size. Afterwards the tunas are left to cool down before being brought into the next production line.
After it reaches desired temperature, the pre cooked tuna is manually put to the sanitary belt that will bring it into tuna filler. This tuna production line machine is the one that will put the tuna inside cans with specific weight and size. The machine will be set beforehand so it will only input desired amount of tuna meat inside the cans. This is why canned tuna have similar weight one another.
The can that have been filled with tuna in specific amount will be delivered into vacuum and oiler line using conveyor belt. While being delivered using conveyor belt, it will be filled with brine. After it arrives in the vacuum machine, it will be vacuumed and oil is added before being closed by the closer machine. This is the last tuna production line for the canned tuna before being distributed.


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