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Friday, 25 August 2017

Tuna Production Line Processing to Make Canned Tuna

Canned tuna keep gaining popularity even in the recent years. Not only because tuna gives a lot of benefits but also because this meat is very versatile compare to other fish meat. It is high in protein but also low in calories, this is why a lot of people choose it as part of their daily healthy diet. But before you can consume the tuna meat, it will need to go through tuna production line to be canned after being caught in the sea. Although there are many brands of canned tuna in the market today, most of the process in their production line is similar one another. However, the implement technology behind each machine used in the production line might differ according to the specification that the factory wants for their end product.
Canned Tuna production line and Machinery Process
After being caught in the sea, the tuna is freeze then brought to the factory for further process. They are put inside big bins to make it easy for the truck to deliver them to the factory location. After they arrived, the bins would then be stacked inside cold storage inside the factory before being brought into the tuna production line.
The first production line that they will go through is the sizing line. In this line each tuna will be separated according to its weight and size before being put into the next line. The tuna will be dump out from the storing bin into double conveyor which will bring it into the shaker. The shaker function is to align the tuna and fit them into the elevator for further process. This elevator is the one that will feed the tuna into the sizer according to their size.
The sizer on tuna production line can only be feed with tuna that has less than ten kilos weight. If there are tunas that have more than ten kilos weight, they will then be collected separately since they will need to be cut to the correct loin size during the pre cooking process. For smaller tuna that has less than ten kilos weight, they will then be dump once again into the bin to bring them into the next production line.
This next production line is the pre cooking line where the tunas will be cleaned before being cooked. Smaller tuna that has less than ten kilos weight which being brought into this line using bins will be dump into the double conveyor once more. It will go into the cleaning line directly in a whole. In this cleaning line the workers will manually separate the tuna’s tail and head. The skin as well as dark meat will be scraped off the meat so it will become a clean tuna loin that is ready to be process in the next production line.
For larger tuna that has more than ten kilos weight which being collected separately before, it will be brought into the cutting tuna production line. In this line they will clean and cut them separately into smaller size loin to suit the other tuna size in the cleaning line.
After being cleaned, the tunas will be put into the racks where it will be delivered to the pre cooked machine. This machine will then be cooked those tunas with steam in suitable cooking time according to the tunas size. Afterwards the tunas are left to cool down before being brought into the next production line.
After it reaches desired temperature, the pre cooked tuna is manually put to the sanitary belt that will bring it into tuna filler. This tuna production line machine is the one that will put the tuna inside cans with specific weight and size. The machine will be set beforehand so it will only input desired amount of tuna meat inside the cans. This is why canned tuna have similar weight one another.
The can that have been filled with tuna in specific amount will be delivered into vacuum and oiler line using conveyor belt. While being delivered using conveyor belt, it will be filled with brine. After it arrives in the vacuum machine, it will be vacuumed and oil is added before being closed by the closer machine. This is the last tuna production line for the canned tuna before being distributed.

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