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Friday 25 August 2017

Authentic Sushi Restaurant Using Product from Tuna Factory in Japan

For those who want to create authentic sushi restaurant, then you might want to purchase product from tuna factory in Japan. As we all know sushi is originate from Japan but since the popularity of this dish increase everywhere, you can even find sushi restaurant all around the world. Of course people want to taste the authentic sushi as they would taste when they eat it in Japan. That is why many sushi restaurants try to get the same ingredient to create the sushi menu in their own restaurant even though they are not located in Japan.
Tuna Factory in Japan Product for Authentic Sushi Restaurant
One of the most popular sushi menus is the one made from tuna meat since this meat is consider the best delicacy in Japan. That is why; you should also try to create sushi using the tuna meat as ingredient so your sushi restaurant can be similar to the restaurant in Japan. But of course if you want your restaurant to be as authentic as possible, then you might also want to get the tuna directly from Japan factory. That way the tuna you use in your restaurant will be the same tuna as the one used by sushi restaurant in Japan.
Furthermore tuna factory in Japan already know about the tuna specification which needed to create tuna sushi. Thus they will create their product so it will be suitable to be use to make sushi. So you can be sure with the quality of the product that they create for your sushi restaurant. Furthermore they will create their product with suitable weight thus you can use one product at a time without have to get too much waste. Especially since sushi is served in raw condition, thus you cannot reuse product which you already used half before, thus product sizing is really important.
Since the tuna factory is located in Japan, then this mean they will make their product using tuna which caught from Japan Sea. This means the tuna fish is caught by the Japanese fishermen before being brought into the factory. Those fishermen should already know that most of the tuna fish that they caught will be used to create the sushi dishes which they also love. Thus they will treat their catch with care since they want to ensure the quality of the frozen tuna fish that they caught will be the highest possible.
After being brought into the tuna factory in Japan, then the fish will be cleaned to ensure there is no unused part on the product that you receive. Next process is the most important process which is to grade the tuna fish meat that already been cleaned. The grader from Japan factory already knows which tuna meat quality is the best use for making tuna sushi. Thus you can trust their grader to give you the best and highest quality tuna meat for your sushi restaurant.
Next those tuna meat which already graded by the tuna factory in Japan grader will be taken to the other line which is to cut the product according to their sizing. Then this product is ready to be CO treated. This treatment is necessary especially when you want to use the tuna meat to make sushi since that means the tuna meat will be served in raw condition. With this treatment, the tuna meat that you serve in raw condition will still have the red color that you often see on fresh tuna meat. Thus your sushi will also appear fresh when created using this product.
After the treatment, then all of the process is already complete to create the product thus tuna factory in Japan worker only need to send their product to you. But before they can do that, all of those products will be packed individually so you can use it one at a time. Then the product will be frozen to preserve the meat so it will still fresh when you want to use it. With this, then it is really ready to be send to you sushi restaurant.
As you can see, all of the process done by tuna factory in Japan is done to ensure their product has high quality thus it is already suitable to be use to make sushi.

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