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Friday 25 August 2017

How to Prepare Tuna Canned Food for Hypertension

Tuna canned food maybe a great challenge for people who have high blood pressure. Canned tuna product is an easier way to make delicious meal like mixed with simple vegetable salad and mayonnaise. Unfortunately, just like any other canned fish, tuna also contain high level of sodium which can increase blood pressure and this is not good for someone with hypertension already. But if you know how to prepare the tuna salad correctly, you can reduce its sodium content and thus make it suitable and safer to be eaten by people with high blood pressure. With extra time to prepare canned tuna fish, it is worth to try for the shake to get those tasty tuna salad!

How to prepare tuna canned food for high blood pressure people?
Follow this step by step instructions to prepare your tuna canned food for salad :
-          First prepare your canned tuna fish, note that both tuna in oils and tuna in water contain the same amount of sodium level. But, tuna in waters offer less fat than tuna in oils so you may want to choose this instead. Moreover, there is no sodium difference between canned light and white tuna.
-          Open the can of tuna and then scoop them into a strainer. Next rinse them properly in order to remove the salt used to preserve the tuna as much as possible.
-          After you are done, place the tuna onto the plate and use paper towel to pat them dry. You can use the tuna later or if you want to keep them, please be sure to store the tuna in refrigerator or freeze them to keep the meats in best condition. However, it is better to use the tuna as soon as possible.
Follow above steps to prepare your tuna and when you want to eat salad tuna, please avoid any spices or sauces that rich in sodium such as pickle relish and mayonnaise which offer 122 milligrams of sodium and 105 milligrams of sodium per tbsp respectively. You can replace them by choosing vinegar or olive oil which contains lower or no sodium level.
How to freeze your tuna canned food salad?
If you have leftover tuna canned food salads then do not toss it right away because you can freeze the salad to be eaten later. Tuna salad can be a healthy choice for diet as long as you keep it moderate. Before you store the salad, you need to prepare spatula, plastic container with tight lid, and freezer tape. After that, follow these rules when you want to store the tuna salad and make sure that the container is sealed properly so you can get an airtight freeze:
1.      Use your spatula to store the tuna salad into a plastic container. Give about 1/2 inch of space at the top of the plastic container since the salad will expand when you store it.
2.      Next, make sure that the plastic container is sealed tightly and properly so it is not vulnerable with the dry air inside the freezer. You can seal the container with plastic lid and check again whether it is secured perfectly.
3.      To keep the lid in place, apply some freezer tape around it and thus it will prevent the air entering plastic container for best result.
4.      Store your tuna canned food salad Indonesia in the freezer not more than a week.
For your information, tuna salad will freeze better when it has low oil and that’s why before you store the tuna, use less oils or sauces or better none. In addition, do not use one plastic container to freeze large amount of tuna salad because it will slower the freezing process. You may need several plastic containers to store the salad for later use.
Tuna salad will be a good choice for healthy diet menu since tuna rich in protein and less in calories. Besides that, tuna also contain omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and other minerals to help your body system and function while reduce the risk of several illness. Although, having tuna canned food need to be limited due to the mercury level contained in the fish especially people with high blood pressure, but as long as you have moderate consumption then it is okay and safe for body.

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