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Thursday 24 August 2017

Finding Trusted Frozen Seaweed Suppliers

Frozen seaweed suppliers will help you to get the best quality of seaweed products either in raw, precooked, and cooked conditions. Seaweeds are the most important aquamarine trade products along with fish and shrimp. There are sold globally and distributed to various countries such as Japan, Korea, China, United States, Australia, Europe countries, and many more. Seaweeds can be used for wide varieties of cases including human foods, pet foods, fertilizers, sciences, industries products, medicines, beauty products, and so on. This is why many industries all over the world require seaweeds because the benefits that provided by this amazing sea vegetable in almost every day life.

Where you can find frozen seaweed suppliers?
Seaweed can be gained in both fresh and frozen states, however high quality frozen seaweed suppliers usually deliver their seaweeds after being frozen to maintain the freshness so they can stay fresh for longer time. Fresh seaweeds can be purchased when you live near coastal or ocean areas, because if the seaweeds are needed to be delivered to different areas and it requires long time to arrive then most of the suppliers will simply froze the seaweeds. In the end, all of the seaweeds which you purchase in grocery stores are mostly frozen or at least previously frozen.
To find good seaweed suppliers are so easy since many countries produce seaweeds each year in metric tons due to the market demand. There are two things you should know regarding trusted frozen seaweed suppliers: the first one is suppliers that sourced their seaweeds from wild caught method and the second one is suppliers who gained their seaweeds from seaweed farm.
Wild caught seaweeds are better than seaweed harvested with farming method, however they are difficult to be found since their availability are limited. Most of seaweeds in the industry are taken from seaweed farms because the wild caught seaweeds cannot longer supply enough stock for international market. In the end, you will end up getting seaweeds from seaweed farms and do not worry about the qualities because they can be as good as wild caught seaweeds.
You can find frozen seaweed suppliers and exporters from Asian countries like Indonesia because they are one of the largest seaweed producers in the world. There are many small seaweed farmers who like to deliver their seaweeds products to seaweed suppliers and manufacturers that help them to distribute their seaweeds for various countries. Indonesia is the leading seaweed producer which supplies various types of seaweeds to top importers such as America, Australia, Europe countries, and other Asian countries. You can trust your seaweed stocks by order them from Indonesian frozen seaweed suppliers.
Start your searching by observe people’s recommendation both online and offline. You can send your quotation after you finding seaweed suppliers that look promising. Ask them not only about the price or the types of seaweed they produce, but also for their terms and conditions regarding the delivery order, storage, tax, shipping cost, discount, and many more. It is important to ask them about seaweed sustainability and safety as well.
If you want to purchase from Indonesia seaweed suppliers then they can send you various seaweed types including Eucheuma cottoni and Eucheuma spinosum as well as Carrageenan extracted from red algae. These three types of seaweeds are mostly produced by Indonesian suppliers and they are also used for various things including thickening agents or agar-agar. Just make sure that your country allows imported products to be delivered from Indonesia. And as for your information countries such as Thailand, India, China, and so on are large seaweed producers also which you can contact.
Frozen versus fresh seaweeds
Of course it is recommended to purchase frozen seaweeds instead because most of seaweeds which you find in markets are taken from seaweed farms which frozen immediately after harvesting to keep the freshness. Previously frozen seaweeds that you always see displayed on the grocery market shelf will not be as good as frozen seaweeds because you cannot guarantee how long already the seaweeds are displayed on that shelf by the staff. So, it is better to just take the frozen seaweeds. The same case goes when you order from frozen seaweed suppliers who will deliver you the seaweeds in the frozen condition especially if you want to go with overnight shipping, it required to maintain the seaweeds fresh as long as possible.

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