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Friday 25 August 2017

Choosing the Right Tuna Fish Hook Based On Experience

Choosing tuna fish hook is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have not caught this saltwater fish before. Usually experienced angler will use circle hook to catch almost every seawater fish especially in this late twenty five years. That is why; you can see a lot of circle hook flooding the market, since more and more fishers love to use them. Abundant numbers of circle hook in the market have advantage and disadvantage at the same time. The advantage is that everyone can easily get one of them in any fishing store near their location. But the disadvantage is that you will get confused on which fishing hook would be the best to use when trying to fishing for tuna.

Many Varieties of Tuna Fish Hook Available on the Market
Today, even professional fisher also loves to use circle hook to catch many kinds of fish, from sailfish to shark and even tuna. Furthermore some fishing tournament also requires circle hook as parts of their tournament requirement. Thus many professional fishers that compete in those tournament uses many kinds of circle hook during the competition. Of course, that decision also comes from their experience which show circle hook is quite effective to be use as tuna fish hook.
Actually the effectiveness of using circle hook to catch tuna fish with natural bait is by choosing the right hook. Especially since there are many circle hooks with different gauge, size, style and many others. Even several professional anglers are intimidated by the abundant variation of circle hooks available in the market. That is why; you should consider many kinds of thing seriously even before choosing the right kind of hook you want to use to catch tuna fish the next time you went sailing with your fellow anglers.
You should know that size of the circle hook really matters, especially since a good circle hook needs to have the correct design to correctly function based on the technique needed to catch the tuna fish. A good circle hook needs to have point which correctly angled to ninety degrees or less angle from the hook shank part. This will allows the hook to set in correctly on the corner part in the jaw. Of course getting circle hook with the right size will matter more than on how your bait seems to naturally swim in the water or on how the tuna fish hook can set in correctly.
Furthermore, you should not trust the number that given by different brand of circle hook since they are all different. Even though the circle hook has the same numbering, but if they come from different brand, then the size would not be the same. That is why you should not use the same sizing chart for every brand since every brand is different in size. So even when you can use one circle hook size from brand A effectively to catch tuna, it does not mean you can also use the same circle hook size from brand B to effectively catch tuna. This can happen because there is actually no standard when it comes to the tuna fish hook. So it is up to the manufacturer of the brand how they will number and measure the size of their circle hook.
When it comes to in line or even offset, there would be more argument that every angler can give to you. And those arguments are all true since they all said it based on their own experience. Furthermore different tuna fish species might need different hook shanks, thus you may have to experience by yourself which hook shanks that works better with which tuna fish species. Furthermore the thickness of your circle hook will also affect how it will perform. Ideally a thinner hook will be faster to set and will give better penetration. However different tuna species will also need to use different wire. Thus once again it is trial and error for everyone to choose the correct tuna fish hook.
That is why, even when one person says one circle hook would be better to catch a specific tuna, but there would be other person that says other thing about other circle hook. So you must try to use the tuna fish hook yourself to proof it.

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