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Friday 25 August 2017

Tuna Fish Frozen versus Fresh Fish

The best thing about tuna fish frozen is that they are available every year especially for certain type of tuna. Most of people when asked maybe preferred to have fresh tuna fish since they have better texture with deep red and oiler plus firmer appearance unlike frozen tuna which have drier texture. However, there is nothing wrong buying frozen tuna fish because frozen tuna fish can be as high in taste and quality as fresh tuna. In fact, there is really no different between fresh and frozen because fresh can be tuna fish frozen as well. So, there is nothing is lost when the fish is frozen when we are talking about the nutritional value.
About tuna fish frozen product
Tuna fish rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids and thus many people love to eat tuna fish. If you can find fresh tuna near your area then that’s great, but not all people can easily find high quality fresh tuna fish and thus they prefer to have frozen fish or steaks/ fillets. On these days with all those technologies, tuna fish can be frozen right at the sea or when the package of fresh tuna delivered at port. The most important thing is how to handle the fish by proper freezing method and in the end there are no downsides when buying tuna fish frozen product.
The advantage of having frozen fish than the fresh one is that they are less wasteful for cooking. When you purchase fresh tuna, it is recommended that you use the tuna as soon as possible to get its best condition, while for frozen tuna, you can just pick out the amount of tuna meats that you need from the storage. They can last longer and you can use them for several different recipes.
In addition, for the companies, fresh fish is needed to be shipped by air while frozen fish can be delivered by truck, boat, or rail meaning that they are require less energy to reach the markets. When you want to purchase tuna fish frozen, there are certain things that you need to take a look such as:
-          Check the package to see whether there is tampered or torn in any way. If the package is damaged then do not buy it.
-          Check whether there is a freezer burn; look whether there is ice crystal or frost inside the package. If you find that visible signs then do not buy it.
-          Check whether there is liquid inside the package because it means partial thawing. The tuna fish should be frozen totally solid the time you purchase it.
-          Check if the fish has been caught with sustainably fishing method if you have some concern with sustainable and environmentally friendly fishing method.
-          Check the color and the texture of the fish, if there is any discoloration then do not purchase the tuna fish frozen package. The flesh should have nice color and it should have firm texture plus do not pulling apart especially around the edges.
-          Last but not least is to buy frozen tuna that caught from ocean or in other words buying wild caught tuna fish instead of the one that have been raised in farm fish. Why? Because there are certain risks about farm fishing tuna such as veterinary drugs, bacterial, pesticides, and many more. Check the package of your frozen tuna fish to find out whether the fish that you want to buy is wildly caught or taken from farm fish.
Some of the stores often sell thawed fish and place them in the fresh tuna case with “previously frozen” mark. If you find such thing then again, you need to check the smell, the texture, and the color. Make sure that the fresh tuna you buy is in a good condition and quality.
The most important point when buying market tuna fish frozen is to find fishmonger or stores that you are really trusted and they have good reputation. It is the same when you buy fresh tuna, you should ask just how fresh they were and if they are not meet your requirement then tuna fish frozen is always be there as second best option.

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