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Friday 25 August 2017

7 Variety Products from Tuna Products Supplier

Tuna products supplier offer various types of tuna fish product which produced into fresh or raw, frozen, cans or tins, steaks, fillets, and many more. Tuna is a major fish product distributed globally and can be found anywhere by customers. They are one of the most popular fish to be cooked as some dishes or eaten alone. Today, tuna fish gains more popularity because they are good sources for high quality nutrition content including omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Find trusted tuna supplier is a must when you open some business that includes tuna serving or if you want to cook tuna personally at home. Learn what kind of products which you can buy at those suppliers here.
Variety of tuna products supplier
There are various tuna products which you can buy from your trusted tuna products supplier such as:
1.      Frozen whole round tuna (raw)
The tuna whole round without any change from its natural appearance is frozen immediately after caught and then stored at room with temperature minus 18 Celsius. As for business or restaurant, usually they are frozen at lower temperature about minus 40 to minus 60 Celsius in order to maintain its highest quality and for fresh tuna, it will be maintained at zero degree stored in ice.
2.      Fresh and frozen tuna Gilled, Gutted, Head off
To prevent spoilage and to maintain its high quality, the tuna head or gilled will be removed. This is also will reduce the weight and space. The tuna fish can also being handle by removing the gilled and clean the gut but head still on. This process usually takes place on the board before the fish being frozen.
3.      Fresh and frozen tuna loins and cuts (raw)
Tuna loins meaning that the fish has been cut as loins without bones and skins while presented as raw tuna product. It can be cleaned during fresh or frozen state and then after that packaged in foil to be sent as either fresh or frozen to restaurant by the tuna products supplier company. In addition, tuna can be cuts into various forms as well called tuna cuts such as steaks, sliced/ carpaccio, and saku blocks to be distributed to the restaurant.
4.      Frozen pre-cooked loins
This tuna product is cooked then cleaned by removing the bones, skins, and black meat in order to make tuna loins or fillets. After that the meats are frozen at minus 18 Celsius. This kind of product usually been ordered by tuna canneries which give the cleaning job to outsource companies.
5.      Canned tuna product
For canned product, the tuna fish is cooked and then cleaned by removing its bones, skins, blood veins, and black meats. After that the tuna meats are packaged into aluminum tins or cans. Oils, sauces, or water are usually being added and after the cans are closed with lids, the tuna products supplier factory will sterilize the cans with high heat at 121 degrees Celsius to prevent spoilage and to give the products shelf life for at least 3 years. This kind of products distributed with various sizes, weights, servings, and packs styles like in chunks, solid, shredded, or flakes. You can find such products mostly at grocery stores.
6.      Pouched tuna product
Almost similar with canned product from tuna product supplier, after being cooked the tuna then cleaned by removing its bones, skins, blood veins, and black meats. After that the tuna meats are packaged into alu-coated bag in the forms of broken chunks. Minimum amount of oil or brine then added and then the packages are vacuum-sealed. After that the product is being sterilized with some pressure. This will be distributed at grocery stores, food processing market, or for consumers.
7.      Katsuoboshi (smoked)
This product using Japanese filleted style by cutting the tuna into fillets and then dried, fermented, smoked. The tuna fish that usually being used is skipjack species and this product is popular as main ingredient of Japanese soups or as extra flavoring.

That’s several products from tuna products supplier which you can buy. When you want to get to the products, you should ask them how they process the products and how they caught or get the fish sources in terms of sustainability. Hope this information help you to understand more about tuna markets.

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