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Friday 25 August 2017

How to Choose Best Tuna Meats from Tuna Fish Supplier?

Tuna fish supplier offered various tuna products from canned, frozen, to raw and fresh. People often confuse about how to select the best tuna fish and storage them in the right way. Choosing the best and high quality of tuna meats are very important especially if you want to buy raw and fresh tuna fish right from the fish markets. There is fraud ways to make old tuna meats to appear like new with some treatment called carbon monoxide injection. With this treatment the flesh of tuna which already turned into brown color instead of dark red natural tuna color will appear brighter and just like a new brand of meat. Of course you do not want to pick such fish. That’s why you can follow several tips below about tuna selection and storage tips and tricks.

Follow this tuna selection and storage tips today
The flesh of tuna meats can range from light color to darker red color, and there is some tuna meats that appear very pale which is almost white or light pink. The colors are depends on the variety of tuna fish. Prime raw tuna steaks are lookalike just like a raw beef, a simple red color of flesh while tuna steak may appear with darker brown area (which sometime is already removed by the fishmonger) and usually it has stronger flavor. Fresh tuna is often sold in skinned condition already by tuna fish supplier because it is hard to skin the tuna extremely tough texture.
To choose high quality meats from tuna fish supplier Indonesia, please follow these instructions:
-          Never select a tuna meat with visible brown or dry spots, unless those spots formed as the original darker brown area.
-          The fish should have ocean fresh smell and there is no rainbow sheen on the fish. The fishmonger usually will offer the tuna meats already in a fillet form which looks like beef loin. Just ask them how many pounds you want to buy and they will slice the meats for you.
-          Fresh tuna fish usually available from late spring up to early fall season while the frozen steak are often be sold year round

Now about how to storage the tuna:
-          After you buy the raw and fresh tuna fish from the market, quickly storage them into refrigerator ASAP. Before you ready to use the tuna, just keep it inside refrigerator all the time. However, it is recommended to use the tuna right on the day you purchase the fish.
-          If you need to store the fish in longer time then you should pat in dry and the wrap the fish using foil or plastic wrap then place them at the coolest part of your refrigerator.
-          The optimum temperature to store the meats from best tuna fish supplier is 31 degrees Fahrenheit, however if your refrigerator is not that cold then the solution is to put the wrapped meats inside a plastic bag full of ice or on a bed of ice. Please take a note that it is best to use the tuna within 24 hours.
-          If you know clearly that the tuna you bought from the supplier is perfectly fresh plus raw and not a frozen fish then you can wrap it and freeze it. But if you purchase the fish from grocery stores and it is highly possible that the tuna is previously frozen and thus you need to use that as soon as possible.
Follow these steps to fresh tuna to keep it in the best condition:
-          Prepare 1 tbsp of ascorbic acid crystal or ¼ cup of salt and 1 quart of water
-          Make solution from those ingredients by mix the crystal with water or the salt with water
-          Dip the tuna fish into the solution in order to make the meat firmer
-          Seal the tuna in plastic wrap and store it to zip top bag
-          You can freeze it with ice block by store the fish into the bag and then covering it with water.
-          Squeeze out the water inside the bag and then seal the bag perfectly. After that you can freeze the meat from tuna fish supplier Jakarta up to 3 months. But still, it is better if you use the meat right on the day you buy.
As for canned tuna fish supplier, unopened products can be stored up to one year while leftover tuna need to be used within 4 days and store it in refrigerator.

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