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Friday 25 August 2017

How to Purchase a Good Tuna Fish Tin Can?

Tuna fish tin can is one of the cheapest ways to get high quality sea food. Sea food such as fish is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids and protein. And it is recommended to eat at least 8 oz each week or 2 to 3 servings. Having sea food as meals does not need for you to go to fishmonger or a trip to fish counter because you can always find a good canned tuna fish product near your area at grocery stores or food markets. You can cook using canned tuna to get healthy and delicious meals or for dinner.
How to purchase the best tuna fish tin can?
Not all tuna fish tin can products created in equal qualities, they are available with different taste, texture, and prices. You cannot go wrong with tuna tin fish and thus you should probably consider these instructions below to get the best canned tuna fish product:
1.      You should make a green or environmentally friendly choice
Indeed that tuna fish is good for your health because they are rich in protein and omega 3 as well as other minerals found in the tuna fish meats. However, it does not mean they are great for the environment in regards of how the tuna fish are caught. First, you should find a light tuna fish tin can with label ‘troll or pole-and-line’ because it is a safer and more sustainably fishing method than net line method. Meanwhile, farmed tuna is better to be avoided because they have some risk with unhealthy farming environment and possible to be contaminated with the bacterial, etc.
2.      Check the packaging and pay attention to it
Check the cans to find out BPA-free labels, Bisphenol-A or BPA is a chemical that used in linings of some drink or food cans. This chemical is dangerous because some studies found out that the BPA linked to the development of precancerous lesions. You can purchase BPA-free pouches of tuna as well.
3.      Avoid canned tuna with higher mercury level
All fish just like tuna contain methyl mercury which came from industrial pollution and then runs off into ocean/ water and then ended up in the fish. Excess consumption of mercury can lead into poisoning which is dangerous for our health. Light tuna such as skipjack and yellowfin that often being labeled as light chunk of tuna is less in mercury level than Albacore tuna or white chunk tuna. 
Check the label to find out the type of the tuna fish packaged on the tuna fish tin can. Although yellowfin tuna is labeled as light tuna as well, but they tend to have more mercury level than skipjack tuna and in addition they also less commonly found in cans. Albacore has double or even triple mercury level than light tuna and it is best to avoid white tuna or at least limit the amount of your Albacore tuna. Pregnant and nursing women, young children, babies, and infant are very sensitive to mercury content, they need to avoid it or at least limit the consumption up to 12 ounces per week and choose lower mercury tuna fish tin can factory product such as light skipjack tuna fish.
Tuna is great to be cooked as salad and if you are in weight loss diet then eating tuna salad will give you enough amount of protein which is good to give energy and built body muscle. In addition, tuna salad is also easy to be prepared but avoid having additional seasonings or sauces that offer more calories and fats such as mayonnaise. You can replace the sauce with other low fat and calories seasonings for example low fat Greek yoghurt, olive oil, and so on.
Best tuna fish tin can are distributed and imported worldwide with different qualities. Some of canned tuna comes with additional herbs and sauces such as tuna in mustard and tuna in tomato based sauce. These two canned tuna types are more delicious and have stronger taste due to the herbs. Moreover, if you have a concern with calories and fats, it is better to choose tuna fish tin can in water instead of oil because tuna in oil offers more fats and calories than tuna in water.

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