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Friday 25 August 2017

Tuna Thailand Fish Products and Tips

Tuna Thailand product exported to many countries around the world with different brands, taste, and quality. Most popular tuna Thailand product packaged as canned fish and sold worldwide, some of them also came as fillets and steaks. Tuna fish is one of the most famous sea foods after shrimp and they are an oily saltwater fish with different types of species. Tuna can be cooked in many ways including grilling, boiling, baking, frying, as well as into smoked fish. Adding tuna fish meat for your diet is a nice choice because tuna rich in nutrition that is good for your body especially for weight lost support.
Canned tuna Thailand comes in different preservations such as tuna in oils (either in sunflower oil or vegetable oil), tuna in brine, and tuna in water. In addition, they also can be sold as tuna in tomato sauce with additional seasoning to make the flavor stronger. Some of canned tuna fish Thailand products even sold with chili taste, sweet corn taste, and Jalapeno taste formula. Canned tuna is an affordable sea food which you can find easily at grocery store’s shelf and you can eat the tuna alone or added to other mixture to make different recipes.
You can pick skipjack tuna Thailand or long-tail tuna Thailand for your meals. Skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) from Thailand is sold under light meat tuna chuck label while long-tail tuna which is also known as Thunnus tonggol, is sold as white meat tuna chuck. They both have solid and flake texture. However, if you have concern with mercury level of the tuna then it is better to choose skipjack tuna or light meat tuna chunk because usually it has lower mercury level than white meat tuna chuck which meaning it is safer.
How to choose the best canned tuna Thailand products?
Various packaging sizes are available for tuna Thailand products from 95 gms to 1880gms so you can buy the tuna fish product according to your need. Thailand is one of the largest exporters of canned tuna and of course many brands are distributed to the stores globally. This mean that you cannot just pick up any brand of Thailand canned fish since you need to find the high quality one. When buying canned tuna from Thailand, there are several things you need to consider such as:
1.      Compare the nutritional facts: different brands although sold in the same servings might have different nutritional values. Tuna is rich in protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamins. However the factory canning process can make the amount of tuna different from one to another. That’s why if your concern is the nutritional benefits then you should compare each brand of tuna Thailand canned fish.
2.      Choosing tuna in water instead of tuna chunk meat in oils or brine: Maybe it is easier to find tuna in oils and brine than tuna in water when talk about canned tuna fish Thailand product. However tuna in water is healthier than the rest since it does not add more calories came from oils and it does not add more sodium came from the brine which is salt water. When eating tuna, you should limited the sodium intake and of course you do not need to add more calories for your weight loss diet and thus pick tuna in water is a nice choice to do. In addition, tuna in oils remove the natural omega 3 fatty acids when you drained off the cans and thus you will get lower omega 3 intake.
3.      Choosing the cheapest canned tuna fish
For the past months, tuna exports from Thailand are dropped as Bangkok tuna fish product especially for skipjack fish rise in price, according to undercurrentnews.com official site. This is due to the poor catches in both Indian Ocean and Western Pacific where tuna Thailand fish can be found. With all this matter, of course the market price of tuna canned products from Thailand is raising as well and thus if your concern is money, go find the cheapest brand. However you also need to make sure the quality of the brand and its reputation.
Tuna Thailand is a great canned sea food product that you can try, while you can also purchase tuna product from Thailand in fillets or steaks.

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