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Friday 25 August 2017

Tuna Fish Roe Product Variation with High Quality Ingredient

Tuna fish roe is another part of tuna fish that can be consumed or be used as part of your dish ingredient. You might think that the usage of tuna roe is not very common, but actually this tuna part is quite popular since it has great taste. This is why several regions around the world use tuna roe as part of their dish ingredient. And if you want to experience its unique taste then you might also want to try out this type of seafood product. But first let us see what product that you can find on the market which uses fish roe as the ingredient.
Making Product Using High Quality Tuna Fish Roe Ingredient
The tuna roe itself is the tuna egg part which taken from female tuna fish. Then this part can be made into several products which you can easily find on the market. People usually use that product to create many kinds of tuna roe dish since it has good flavor and contains great nutrition for your body. Of course the product sold on the market has been processed to preserve its quality and freshness. Now let us the process to make several tuna fish roe product that you can find on the market.
Before making the product, first fishermen will caught the tuna fish from deep seawater. The tuna fish will then be delivered to the factory so they can be turn into many kinds of tuna fish product. After the tuna fish arrived in the factory, then it will be completely cleaned, gilled and gutted as preparation to make product from the parts. From this cleaning process, tuna fish roe part is separated from the tuna fish body and stored separately to be made into other product.
The tuna roe part is separated together with its roe pouch to keep it still in good condition. And this tuna roe is the part that will be turn into several other products which you can see on the market. The first product is the frozen tuna fish roe product which is very easy to make since it can use most tuna roe pouch as the ingredient. To make this product the tuna roe pouch will be cleaned before being packed individually then frozen so it will maintain its freshness even after a long time.
The second product is the bottarga tuna fish roe product which is very hard to make. Furthermore only ripe tuna roe that can be used as the ingredient which make it even harder to create. The bottarga is very popular tuna roe product which originates from Spain and Italy, the people in those countries love this delicacy product very much.
Making process of this bottarga is started by selecting high quality and ripe tuna roe. To select it, tuna roe pouch is inspect whether the egg is visible entirely and the color is uniform of not. If the tuna roe pouch has those two qualities, then it can be use. However if the egg size is too small then the tuna roe is better used for other product. Tuna roe which is too watery can still be used even though it will take longer time to process it.
The first thing that needs to be done to create the bottarga is massaging the tuna roe pouch to remove air bubble from inside the pouch. Next is to soak the tuna roe pouch in saltwater for around a half day. Then the soaked pouch can be dried under the sun using drying panel which will press on the tuna roe pouch. This drying process is done using natural way thus make it longer to dry. After the tuna roe pouch is dry, then it is time to cure it to preserve the quality of the roe. This curing process should also be done under the sun and it will take weeks to complete. Afterwards the bottarga end product will be hard slab dried tuna roe pouch that is ready to be distributed to the market. Sometimes there is variation of bottarga which also coved by using special beeswax to preserve the tuna fish roe even more. You can use this product for around a year after it is dried and it is better to store it inside the refrigerator.

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