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Friday 25 August 2017

Evolution of Tuna Fish Rod with Best Technology and Action

Need to choose tuna fish rod for your next yellow fin tuna fishing, then you might need to get further information about it. Most people think that fishing big fish means they also need to use big fishing rod. However, that is not true; at least not anymore since the advancement of fishing rod material has made a huge change in the industry. You should not doubt it since every fishing rod made from fiberglass are very durable, thus when a fisher has found their favorite fishing rod, they would never putting it down anymore. However you should also know that some fiberglass fishing rods are hollow since they have tubular construction.
How to Choose Suitable Tuna Fish Rod?
However, as the fishing reel keeps getting small in size, even diameter of fishing braids also getting smaller, thus it is understandable that the fishing rod you have used for years also keeps getting lighter and keeps increasing its performance. As you can see even in the world of the Tuna fish rod, they keep using better and more advance technology to help you conquer big yellow fin tuna fish only by using small size fishing rod. Of course that fishing rod would already have the latest technology to be able to do so.
If you notice in these past decades, fishing rod with composite material has become more and more popular. That tuna fishing rod, which made using combination of graphite material and fiberglass materials to construct it, takes the best part of two material combine together. Thus the fishing rod will have the sensitivity which it takes from the graphite material and the strength which it takes from the fiberglass material. This is the reason why fishing rod which made only using fiberglass material is usually heavier and has less sensitivity if you compared it with tuna fish rod which made using this composite material.
However some fishing rod manufacturers are confused when ask to explain which material that they use to make their fishing rod. Some will even say graphite material even though in fact the fishing rod is made from carbon glass material. That is because the manufacturers are using both material names interchangeably thus the confusion happen a lot. It is true that both materials are actually made using carbon. However for graphite material the carbon atoms are layered in hexagonal ring shape. Meanwhile on the carbon glass material, the carbon atoms are only in chain shape, thus with this material, the tuna fishing rod can have smaller blank diameter and better performance.
The fishing rod blank which has layered construction makes the fishing rod does not appear bulky anymore. With the new and advance technology, now it is possible to make fishing rod that is thick but still slim in diameter. Usually those fishing rods is combining T glass material for the inner layer, meanwhile on the outer layer it will use carbon material. With this material combination, now the tuna fish rod can have faster and lighter action compared to the old day fishing rod that requires you to sweat around when fishing.
With this new fishing rod material, there would be better parabolic action that the fishing rod can handle thus fast-tip action is currently less needed. With this action, the fishing rod will bend down more towards the position of your hands which at the same time will give more pressure on the tuna fish. Of course, the length of your fishing rod will also highly affect this ability and action of the fishing rod. If you really want to clamp down a big size yellow fin tuna, then you might want to use shorter fishing rod length.
Of course the hardware that you use on the fishing rod will plays big role on your action as well. You should always make sure that the main line is sliding through on the guides in clean manners. Having a good quality guide will give you better withstand, however you should also ensure to wrap on the guide correctly. Use triple or double wrap for the guide which can withstand the tuna fish strain for years. And remember to protect the tuna fish rod while traveling; do not bump it around while transporting it since it may break the quality and material.

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