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Friday 25 August 2017

Using Frozen Tuna Belly Product for Cooking Competition Ingredient

If you want to create a good challenge on the cooking competition, then try to use frozen tuna belly as one of the challenging ingredient. Tuna meat itself is very versatile ingredient, but handling tuna belly and cutting it into suitable parts that can be use for making dishes is another challenge that the participant should face. Surely this will be a challenge that is quite hard to conquer by some participant, thus only the best participant which able to pass the challenge then more on to the next round. This is an idea that you might want to use if you want to make the cooking competition as a fun thing to do.
Information about Frozen Tuna Belly for the Participant
However, you still need to give some information to the participant so they will know what challenge that they will face. Some information that you can give is about the making process of this frozen tuna belly product before being used in the competition. Of course, you do not need to make this tuna belly product yourself since there are factories that is able to make them for you. What you need to do is to tell the participant the making process that the factories do for the tuna belly product.
Now let us see the making process of this tuna belly product that is done by the factories for you. But first the tuna needs to be taken from the sea and only professional fishermen that can do that. Those professional fishermen will also know what needs to be done to the tuna fish after it is first caught. Only professional fishermen will know that a tuna fish has high body temperature, especially when it is caught, then the temperature will rise even more. The fishermen will know that they need to reduce the tuna body’s temperature since it can leads to the fish gets spoiled faster before the making of frozen tuna belly product.
To reduce the tuna body’s temperature, they will know how to do bleeding process by cutting the fish’s artery open. This will allow the blood to come out from tuna’s body, thus will reduce its temperature. Furthermore, they will also know that the process will improve the quality of the tuna product that will be created using the fish by twice better. This whole process is actually only takes around give minutes to finish, thus the tuna fish can be chilled immediately after that.
Next information that you should give to the participant is the process that happen after the tuna fish arrive into the factory. First process is the cleaning process where the tuna fish will be clean completely from its bone, skin, head, tail, gut, and gilled. After the tuna meat is cleaned, and then it will be ready to be taken to the cutting processing line. In this processing line, actually the tuna meat can be cut in any shape and size that the factory wants. However since you want to make frozen tuna belly product to be used in your cooking competition, then the only thing that will be done in the cutting processing line is to cut the tuna belly apart.
Next process that happens in the factory is the CO treatment process. This process will be able to make the tuna belly appears fresh with its red color appearance. To do this process, the tuna belly will be cold smoke using wood smoke which has been filtered. Then the red color that the tuna belly has will stays in the meat even after frozen tuna belly product have been stored for a long time.
The last procedure that needs to be done to the tuna belly is to wrap it inside individually wrapper using vacuum wrap. Afterwards it will be stored inside super cold condition and ready to be delivered to you. Those are all of the process that is needs to be done in order to create the product that you want. Now you can give all those information to your participant so they will know more about the tuna belly product that they will use in the cooking competition. Actually frozen tuna belly can be use to make many kinds of dish, thus your cooking completion will be showered with delicious dish.

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