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Friday 25 August 2017

Food Blogger Reviewing Frozen Tuna Cube Product

As a food blogger, you should try to talk about frozen tuna cube product since many people start using it as ingredient for their dish. Furthermore tuna itself is very flexible raw food, thus many recipe uses them as part of the ingredient. Not to mention that tuna cube has fresh appearance since it is a raw tuna product which have not going through too many process to make them. Surely many people wants to know more information about this seafood product and as a food blogger it is your duty to give more information about tuna cube product for your reader.
Information about Frozen Tuna Cube Product
Of course, there is a lot of information that you can give to your readers. However, there is important information that you should give to your readers about the making procedure that is needed to create the tuna cube. Especially since many of your readers might become curious about this product and the production procedure. Thus it will become an interesting topic for them to read in your food blog. Do not worry since we will give you all of the information about how to make frozen tuna cube product inside the factory here.
But before we head to the production process in the factory, now let us go to the sea where the tuna fish live in the nature. In the sea is where the fisher will catch the tuna which will then be use to make the tuna cube product. After the tuna fish is catch, it will then be gutted and gilled to clean the inside of the fish. Then the tuna fish will be chilled right away before being brought into the shore to be delivered to the factory that will make it into frozen tuna cube product.
Actually tuna cube product is still in the raw form of tuna meat; however the tuna meat is shaped in special way to make it into cube form. This will make the consumers easier to eat the tuna meat since it is already in small and suitable portion to be consumed. This is also one of the reasons why many recipes uses tuna cube as one of its ingredient. Now let us head to the factory so see the procedure needed to create this product.
Before creating the tuna cube, the factory will need to clean the tuna fish that they receive from the fishermen further. Especially since there are still skin, blood line and bones on the tuna fish that need to be throw away from the meat. Then next thing that they need to do is to ask the factory’s grader to choose high quality tuna meat that can be use to make the frozen tuna cube product. This is to ensure that only high quality parts of the tuna meat that is use for making the product thus the quality of the product itself will be high.
After high quality tuna meat is identified, and then it is time to deliver it to the cutting production line. Inside this cutting production line, the tuna meat will be cut into cube shape since this time they want to create tuna cube product. Of course the tuna cube should be in a specific size which the factory has decides beforehand. After getting the cube shape that it needs, now it is ready to head into the next production line.
In this next production line the tuna cube will be CO treated using special cold smoking method. This method will use smoke from woods that already been filtered. The process itself is done so the frozen tuna cube will still have signature red color that fresh tuna meat has even after being frozen for a long time.
Lastly the tuna cube will be packed inside vacuum packaging, and since the cube itself is very small in size, thus several cubes will be packed into one packaging. Now that it is tightly packed, it is ready to be frozen and deliver to the grocery store for the customer to pick up and use as one of their dish’s ingredient. As you can see, actually there is a lot of information about frozen tuna cube product that you can give to your reader as a food blogger.

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