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Friday 25 August 2017

The Importance of High Quality Frozen CO

You might often see frozen tuna loin CO product in the grocery store when shopping. As you know tuna loin product is often used inside sushi or sashimi dish which served in raw condition. In those dishes, you can see red color tuna meat which appears very fresh. The red color that the tuna meat has itself is in fact come from the muscle pigment which has been going through oxygenated process. Alive tuna will have a muscle pigment which called as myoglobin and function to deliver the oxygen to muscle on the tuna body which doing the work. During the procedure, this muscle pigment also creates red color that you can also see on tuna meat.

Frozen Tuna Loin CO Product in High Quality
In the last decade, the demand of seafood product in trading or export keeps increasing around the world. And tuna is one of the most favorite seafood products that are high in demand. However, it used to only available during certain time of the year. But now with the use of advance technology, tuna product is now available all year long. Surely those tuna products should also available in fresh condition all year long. And that is enough reason for frozen tuna meat which already cut into loin then being treated with CO procedure so it can still appear in fresh condition all year long. Using this CO procedure the tuna meat loin will appear appetizing since it has red color. Usually this CO procedure is done by frozen tuna loin CO supplier which comes from Southeast Asia.
Actually during the CO procedure, the frozen tuna loin is treated with carbon monoxide (CO) which will allow the frozen tuna loin have its red color for a long time. This procedure is done using cold smoke treatment which makes use of filtered wood smoke to ensure there is no oxidation happens to the frozen tuna loin. When the frozen tuna loin is not getting this CO treatment, then the odor, texture as well as the color of the meat will gradually turn into brown color; surely this appearance would not be appealing anymore.
However, there is no worry in consuming this frozen tuna loin CO product since there will be no negative effect on your health. The procedure itself only has effect to maintain the red color that frozen tuna loin has, so it will still appear fresh. Furthermore FDA also stated that there is no worry in consuming the frozen tuna loin product which already being treated with CO procedure as long as this procedure is not done to disguise the appearance of spoiled frozen tuna loin product.
That is the reason, why it is important to make sure that the frozen tuna loin CO product you get comes from factory that can be trusted. If the factory is a trustable factory, then they will make the product using fresh tuna loin meat to be treated with CO procedure then frozen immediately so it will not get spoiled overtime.
But you should also know that frozen tuna loin freshness, not only being determined by using its color. There are other factors which you can use to determine the freshness of the frozen tuna loin such as the fat inside the frozen tuna loin meat, the cut done to the tuna’s meat, and the species from which the frozen tuna loin is made. As example, if the frozen tuna loin is made using bluefin tuna species, then you will not see red color on the meat even though the product is actually still fresh and has high quality. Instead the frozen tuna loin CO product made using this bluefin tuna species will have pinkish pale color since this tuna species has more fat content surrounding the meat. That is why; you should also know the species from which the frozen tuna loin is made so you will know the fresh color of the meat.
Furthermore the procedure in which the frozen tuna loin is made should also be done in controlled system using high quality meat. When the frozen tuna loin CO product is created in controlled system using high quality meat, then the product result which delivered to the customer will also become high quality and still in fresh condition.

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