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Friday 25 August 2017

Learn About the Tuna Fish Nutrition Here

Tuna fish nutrition packed in protein, vitamins, minerals, omega 3, and other nutrient content that beneficial for your body health. Not to mention they are very cheap with expensive nutrition that you body need to improve health and body function or system. The fish is tasty with firm texture and can be cooked into various healthy recipes as well. If you can buy tuna fresh then go on, but if you cannot then option for canned tuna in water with low sodium, calories, and unnecessary fats. Meanwhile, you will also get a plenty of iron and potassium while you need to limit the consumption due to the mercury content but you can still enjoy tuna meat each week by planning healthy diet menu. 

What is the tuna fish nutrition? Read Here!
-          Omega 3 fatty acids should be the first one that we need to mention because this is the main reason of why you should eat tuna fish at least 2 or 3 servings each week with moderate amount. Our body cannot produce omega 3 oils like fish and thus we need to get a good resource to get fatty acids intake. Omega 3 helps to improve brain function thanks to its EPA and DHA content plus it reduce inflammation of body. Omega 3 also helps to lower cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and cancer. In addition, this healthy unsaturated fat has been linked to promote lower blood pressure and lower of bad cholesterol/ LDL. Some studies mentioned that omega 3 can help to reduce depression as well.
-          Vitamin B12
The next tuna fish nutrition for body health is vitamin B12. Your body needs about 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B12 every day and eating at least 3 oz serving of canned light tuna will supply around 2.5 micrograms already. This vitamin is useful to support formation of red blood cells and improve brain function. You need to get B12 because it helps to turn the food into a usable energy as well as help DNA production.
-          Niacin
Both men and women need to get Niacin intake for their body about 16 mg and 14 mg and eating at least 3 oz of canned light tuna help to fulfill that need about 11.3 milligrams already. Niacin in fact is a vitamin B that helps to maintain your skin, digestive system, and nerves healthy. Niacin also help to improve good cholesterol while reduce harmful cholesterol in your body. However, niacin deficiency can mental problems and skin disorders.
-          Protein
As human, our body needs to get protein intake because this mineral can help to keep our muscles strong. Protein is good for hair, blood, nails, and skin. Eating canned light tuna will give you a high level of protein content and it can even replace other high source of protein such as meats and eggs for awhile.
-          Selenium and antioxidants
Tuna fish is good because there are healthy tuna fish nutrition like selenium and antioxidants. These minerals can help to improve immune system which is vital for human body system to fight against disease or illnesses, infections, and so on.
Mercury concern in tuna fish nutrition
Despite those entire tuna fish nutrition list that we mentioned above, there is a concern with methyl mercury content in the tuna fish. Mercury can lead to system damage especially in young children, babies, and infant. Large amount of mercury is not good either for adults. That’s why it is better to reduce the consumption of tuna fish. For light tuna, you can practically eat about one serving every 3 or 4 days while for white tuna such as Albacore you can only eat a serving for every 9 to 14 days, this information according to Natural Resources Defense Council.

To eat canned tuna, you can combine it with other meals or ingredients such as minced onion, mayonnaise, fresh vegetable, and such. You can make a tuna sandwich or tuna salad or for simpler meal, just frying pan tuna fish then eat it with white rice. You can also make tasty snacks with tuna by serve the fish on top of crunchy snacks like tacos or crackers. This is very good to have tuna fish nutrition with different recipes as well.

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