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Friday 25 August 2017

5 Types of Tuna Fish Production Line

Tuna fish production line all around the world have been divided into different types of tuna species. There are many countries that produce then sell canned tuna with Indonesia as one of the largest or probably the largest tuna producing countries thanks to its largest maritime and archipelagic country status. Following that there are countries like USA, Thailand, Japan, and so on that also offers production line of tuna fish. If you like to consume tuna, whether it is in raw/ fresh condition or canned, you need to know that there are about fifteen species of tuna that recognized worldwide, however you may frequently found these 5 types of tuna in grocery stores because they are easier to be caught than any other types of tuna.
5 types of tuna fish production line
There are 5 types of canned tuna fishproduction line that you probably encounter such as:
1.      Yellowfin (Thunnus Albacares)
Just like its name, Yellowfin tuna has characteristic of a fin with yellow color attached on its lean body and a magnificent sickle-shaped fins to help them swim faster. They can be found all around the world but typically easier to be caught in tropical oceans being one of them is tuna Indonesia country. The fish itself can grow more than 2 meters in length. As for the production factory line, yellow tuna can be purchased in a form of canned tuna, frozen tuna (you can make a delicious steak with that), as well as sold fresh. Yellowfin tuna is popular for traditional Japanese dish which none other than sushi. When you buying canned or frozen tuna, the package may tell you what is the type of tuna, if not then do not buy it.
2.      Skipjack (Katsuwonas Pelamis)
Skipjack has a relatively small body but it is the most popular type of tuna to be caught by fishermen since they are the most abundant tuna fish in ocean. Unlike Yellowfin tuna, this fish can only grow up to one meter in length due to its tiny form characteristic. Skipjack is also one of the most famous types of tuna to be canned in oils or salt waters as tuna fish production line products. Although when served up in a dish, it is rarely to be recognized however most of pizza, sandwich, baked potato, and other dishes use this type of tuna fish meat.
3.      Bigeye (Thunnus Obesus)
This tuna fish most likely found in tropical waters with robust and big body which can grow more than a meter in length. Unfortunately, the populations of bigeye tuna are decreasing lately due to overfishing. You may find this fish meat served as steak, but it is most popular to be served in sushi dishes. It is also known as ‘ahi’ along with Yellowfin type of tuna. Since bigeye tuna are in danger then it is better to avoid purchasing this canned meat.
4.      Albacore (Thunnus Alalunga)
Unlike tropical waters type of tuna, Albacore is the type of tuna that enjoy swimming in cool waters and it can be found easily in United Stated, they can even rove into waters off US east and west coast. As for the characteristics, Albacore tuna have pale skin and thus often to be called as white tuna and unusual long pectoral fish fin. In America, it is sold as canned white/ albacore tuna which can make up to twenty percents of shelf grocery tuna in US market. Just like bigeye tuna, Albacore populations are now in danger due to overfishing and to supply tuna fish production line worldwide especially US.
5.      Bluefin (Thunnus thynnus, Thunnus orientalis, and Thunnus maccoyii)
There are not only one, but there different species of Bluefin tuna in the world such as Atlantic, Southern, and Pacific tuna. They awesomely can grow exceed three meters and can weight about 1,000 pounds. They also a predator type of tuna which can swim and accelerated as fast as sport cars or even better. Although they are like to swim in cold waters, but they can tolerate warm waters as well. Bluefin tuna is can be found along the coasts of US. Some of types of Bluefin tuna: Southern and Pacific are already be classified as endangered because of overfishing.
Those types of tuna can be purchased as tuna fish production line made by factories or industries.

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