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Friday 25 August 2017

Dark vs White Frozen Tuna Meat

Frozen tuna meat fish range from dark red to lighter pink that almost like white color unlike some of fish which only have white flesh. Different with frozen tuna fish, when the meats are canned, the white tuna or known well as Albacore tuna refers to lighter flesh while darker flesh tuna refers to light or dark tuna. Today we like to share some information about dark versus white tuna flesh which you like to find on both frozen and canned tuna meat. By reading such information, you will understand about tuna fish better than ever.
Dark versus white canned or frozen tuna meat information
1.      The source of coloration
According to the Earthlife web, the darker and ligher red of tuna fish flesh color is basically comes from myoglobin and hemoglobin. Oxygen is carried by myoglobin and it is useful for the heart and muscles during your physical activities, while hemoglobin is a protein which can be found in red blood cells that have a task to carry oxygen from the lungs to the muscles and then brings carbon dioxide (CO) from tissues to lungs. In the end, the dominant coloration will depend on the amount of myoglobin and hemoglobin which is available in the muscles. Darker frozen tuna meat factory product meaning that the fish have a large of amount of these two proteins, while lighter almost pink to white color having none or just a bit amount of them.
2.      The muscles
High hemoglobin content and capillaries usually can be found in muscle tissue with dark or red color. It is presence in active fish that live in ocean and used for continuous swimming just like what you found in tuna fish. According to the Earthlife Web, Red muscles make up not more than twenty percents of total muscle tissue found in fish. Meanwhile, white muscle has fewer capillaries, thicker muscle fibers, and less oxygen content than red muscle when perform physical exertion. Most of the characteristic of white muscle tuna fish is swimming with anaerobic motion meaning that they do not need oxygen to function. They tend to use glycogen as some fuel and spend it quickly during their activities. Activities such as making movement of short and swift bursts is primarily used white muscles. As for the pink muscles, they are between red and white muscles. They are used when the fish are swimming with moderate amount of time, but using relatively high speed.
3.      Canned tuna meat
Unlike frozen tuna meat Indonesia, yellowfin and skipjack tuna fish which also popular to be referred as light canned tuna product contain more dark flesh, while white tuna canned fish or often be labeled as Albacore tuna can by the factory typically has lighter flesh coloration. You may find canned light tuna preserved in waters, whereas Albacore or white tuna is canned in a vegetable oil. How about the flavor? The flavor of light tuna is stronger than the white one and unfortunately, the methyl mercury level as well as the fat and calories of white tuna are three times higher than light tuna fish. White tuna has less of omega 3 fatty acids amount than lighter tuna too and thus in conclusion, it is safer and healthier to consume light tuna than canned white or frozen tuna meat products.
4.      The quality of market tuna fish
The quality of frozen tuna meat sold in market is depends on the color of the tuna flesh and other several factors as well. According to Revolutionary Chefs, it is good to know that there are 4 general grades that can be used to determine the quality of tuna meats as follow:
-          The 1st grade is a tuna fish has dark, clear, and bright red flesh with firm texture and has a bit of fat or none at all.
-          The 2nd grade is a tuna with red muscle that is clear plus not so dark, while the fat is less than the first grade tuna fish.
-          The 3rd grade is a tuna with mixed variation of red and browner flesh that has no fat and opaque appearance.
-          The 4th grade is a tuna with lighter color and has gray or brown hue and soft plus opaque appearance.
Information above hopefully can help you to understand more about frozen tuna meat or canned tuna product especially when you want to choose which one is better than another one product.

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